Business Plan

Executive 5 Year Plan for World Space League, Inc.
“The Future belongs to the Zero-G Generation”

  1. Introduction
  2. Mission Statement
  3. The creation of the brand “World Space League”
  4. Why Now
  5. The 5 year plan

Why should you as an Investor be part of “World Space League”


“World Space League” Three words the definitions are as follows
World:  All of the people, societies, and institutions on the earth.
Space: The physical universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere.
League: A collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose.
With those definitions you have given a commonality for the world to rally around.

The following pages you read will have how this brand called “World Space League”,

Which with the right direction and can be just like Microsoft, Google, Star Wars(George Lucas),  Apple, and other People/Companies that created a Brand from their innovations, Ideas, concepts, and where in the history of  man at the right place at the right time.  With the coming Trillion dollar Space Business the world(common man) can have an avenue on participating in the future of Space Travel.

The Civilians worldwide are now in charge of getting into space, the race is on,  who Will be the Leader(s) of  Man’s thrill ride out of Earth’s atmosphere into the Cosmos. With Space X, Virgin Galactic, The Google Boys, Paypal,  and other private individuals And companies entering the private space industry plus countries rushing at creating space ports for the coming Zero G Generation the world is about to enter into the 21st Century.  The recent purchase of the “Star Wars” brand by Disney  and the anticipation of  the 2015 release date of the Episode 7, plus the “Star Trek” brand being produced on timely schedule the niche of  Space Action Adventure Movies  can be counted on to be Successful at the Box Office plus the aftermarket for items related to that brand.

According to on 10/12 the total Star Wars Franchise Revenue was $27 billion, Paramount / Viacom estimate the Gross Revenue of the Star Trek Franchise to be $5 billion, On May15, 2009 NPR had an interview with Ms. TATIANA SIEGEL (Reporter, Variety): It’s just impossible to actually come up with a figure of what the franchise is worth and what it has generated over the years, over the decades.  The Amount would most likely be in the 10’s of Billion for the 40year History of the Franchise.

The reason the above items are mentioned is to give a perspective on how the
“World Space League” Franchise (brand) could be worth using the following
Concepts in the 5 year Plan, 10 year Plan, 20year Plan


Mission Statement

In the next 20years to send as many people possible into space.

The question is why would a company spend it’s time and resources to do such a thing.
I have included the reason why “World Space League” was created… JJ wrote a Letter

And Ricky drew a picture and my statement regarding them.  In the process of making those pieces of paper come true If  I can help other people do the same thing for themselves and their children  then I will.
The website “World Space League”  was put online on November 1999,  The
Company “World Space League, Inc.” was incorporated year 2007.


“World Space League” the Brand

 A brand/franchise is what defines the company, let’s assume that We live aboard a  1000man Space Ship and all resources have to be wisely used, recycled as many times as possible to get more than one use from it.  The people who live aboard this Space Ship, are all valued equally, all their immediate needs are fulfilled.  All medical, dental, mental, physical health requirements are treated 100%.  This is the basis for the operations of all of “World Space League” enterprises. Everything and Everybody are valued.


Why Now?

 The space industry is at it’s infant stage,  the future of the Space Business will be booming within a 20year time frame.  The stage is set for a company to appear worldwide that addresses the need of the many(common man) who want to participate in the Exciting New Frontier of  Space Travel. Those needs are what “World Space League” enterprises will fulfill.

The 5 year Plan

There are 5 Enterprises that the 5 year plan covers

#1 Entertainment

  1. Film production of 4 movies ( quadrilogy – sequels)
  1. “World Space League – Kombaat  B.E”.
  2. “World Space League – Steel Horse  A.S”
  3. “World Space League – Twelve T.”
  4. “World Space League

World Wide HOME VIDEO (Blu-ray/DVD)
World Wide VOD/PPV (Video-On-Demand / Pay-Per-View)
 The total budget to produce/distribute/market  all 4 movies is estimated at $100 million
Film all 4 like Peter Jackson did on the “Lord of the Rings” saga.

  1. Gaming Division. Production of Games(Xbox, PS2, PC, Tables, Online) age group 6-Up

The game produced will coincide with the Movie release,
The total  budget for the gaming $20 million
Estimated Revenue for all the Entertainment Venues for the 5 years should be  $ 300 Million

 #2 Food Service

—  Restaurants with a Space Ship looking building and a Aquaponics farm
built as part of the Restaurant. This will generate produce for
the restaurant and the Food Banks in the Neighborhood
5 Restaurants World Wide.

#3 3-D Mobil rides

like a small carnival but the rides are all Space Themed.
Create 3-D Mobil Rides with Crews that drive them all over the World
Operating Budget per Mobil Ride For the 1st 3 years  5 Million = $200 Million

#4 Global Membership Club

The Cost per year to be member of “World Space League Membership Club”   $20 US
This gives people skin in the game.
Operating Budget for Membership Club For the 1st 3 years  20 Million =
The 5 year plan is to have 100  million members

#5 Manufacturing / Retail Operations

All Products that carry the “World Space League”  brand will be manufactured by “World Space League” and sold at “World Space League” Enterprises     3 Manufacturing Centers,  North America, Asia, Europe

Operating Budget for Manufacturing For the 1st 3 years 20 Million = $60 million

These 5 enterprises all have to be implemented at the same time in order for the “World Space League” brand to have the effective return on investment to all Investors

5 year time plan:

The First 3 years will be putting all enterprises into operations and Marketing the “World Space League”
Brand worldwide. ROI will not happen until the 4th Year
4th Year the Investors will be paid in full plus whatever  accrued interest has accumulated to that point.
5th Year part of all Profits of all Enterprises will paid to All Investors as a sign of Good Faith.  At this time “World Space League” will   become a public corporation and whatever agreed to stock offers to all investors will be honored.

Thank you for your time
Daniel Robert Rodriquez

“World Space League”

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