Film production of 4 movies ( quadrilogy – sequels)

  1. “World Space League – Kombaat  B.E”.
  2. “World Space League – Steel Horse  A.S”
  3. “World Space League – Twelve T.”
  4. “World Space League</strong

World Wide HOME VIDEO (Blu-ray/DVD)
World Wide VOD/PPV (Video-On-Demand / Pay-Per-View)

The total budget to produce/distribute/market  all 4 movies is estimated at $100 million.

The Quadrilogy Movies to be released in yearly increments.
Average to cost per movie at $ 25 million.
If the Movies break even at the Box Office
the Brand of “World Space League” will be known worldwide.

The Objection: of Making the World Space League Movies is
to enroll People in the “World Space League” Membership Club.

Gaming Ventures

  1. Gaming Division. Production of Games(Xbox, PS2, PC, Tables, Online) age group 6-Up

The game produced will coincide with the Movie release,
The total  budget for the gaming $20 million
Estimated Revenue for all Gaming for the 5 years should be  $100 Million

If your interested in becoming a Partner in the Entertainment Ventures.