To Send as many people possible into space the next 20 years

The Ventures Objectives: is to enroll people world wide into the “World Space League Membership Club.

The 5 year plan:

1. Release the 4 Movies

a. “Kombaat B.E.”

Synopsis: A American Veteran having failed a mission has a chance to regain his honor. In the Process he has the opportunity to start training his Twin sons to fulfill the prophecies of them.

b. “Steelhorse A.S.”
c. “Twelve T.”
d. “World Space League the Movie”

2. 3-D Mobile Ride

10 Operational for 5 years.

3. Space Themed Restaurants

5 Operational Restaurants.

4. Manufacturing / Retail Operations

3 Manufacturing Centers
10 Retail Stores

5. Membership Club

Have 20 Million People Enrolled.

The “World Space League Membership Club” is the avenue which we will
send people into Space. Every 6 month we have World Wide Drawing of members
who checked on the signup as Member of “World Space League” .

1st Drawing it will be 1 Person which “World Space League” will buy the ticket for that person to go into space on one of the Enterprises being created by Space-x, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic..etc.

2nd Drawing 2 people will be selected.
3rd Drawing 3 people
4th Drwaing 4 people.
until we reach 16 people per drawing, Then all drawings after that will always be 16 people.

This is HOW “World Space League” will be able to fulfill the Mission statement.